Learn how to pass the ACCA FM exam with Sunil’s expert tuition

This is a newly designed ACCA FM Revision Plus Mock Exam Course designed to comprehensively cover all aspects of the 2022/2023 syllabus.

Sunil will demonstrate how to answer each question style efficiently and effectively (Sections A, B & Constructed Response) and recommend questions for you to practice.

Regular online tests will confirm that you have understood each section of the syllabus and give you Section A and B question practice under exam time pressure. Specifically created Constructed Response question homework is set and marked to current ACCA FM marking standards, with additional comment / feedback.

The final mock exam matches the ACCA FM exam style, and again is marked to current ACCA FM marking standards, with additional comment / feedback.

Sunil will provide you with the support you need, predominantly via WhatsApp.

Why choose Sunil as your accountancy tutor?

Sunil Bhandari has been an accountancy tutor since 1986, and was formally the Director of the Financial Training Company (now Kaplan) in Birmingham and was the founder and Managing Director of BPP Birmingham Ltd. He has trained many successful candidates to enable them to qualify and become member of ACCA.

Sunil writes articles relating to ACCA FM which are regularly published in the accountancy training press, and has been a marker for 2 UK professional accounting bodies.

What sets this course apart from the rest?

Exam Kit (2022/2023)

This revision course utilises the latest version of the Kaplan Exam Kit. This is an eBook version that can be accessed on up to three devices as well as offline.

CBE Spreadsheet Skills, Methods & Shortcuts

The Constructive Response questions will require you to use a number of spreadsheet skills etc. Two videos are provided where each of these are explained and where they will apply in the exam.

Revision Phase

This is organised into 7 sections:

  • FM Function
  • FM Environment
  • Risk Management
  • Business Valuations
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Business Finance & Cost of Capital
  • Working Capital

Revision Notes

Sunil has prepared notes for each syllabus area. They cover both the theory and calculations depending upon the syllabus area.

Let Me Demonstrate

The videos and related notes will show you how to answer each style of exam question (Section A, B & Constructive Response) relevant to each topic. Sunil will ensure you fully understand the logic and processes used to arrive at the correct solution.

Your Turn to Practice

You then practice creating responses to additional questions covering each of the topics / skills demonstrated.

Online Tests

These contain Section A & B questions. Each is timed, and the number of questions aligns with the test’s relative importance within the FM exam.

Marked Test Questions

For the three topics that can be tested under Constructive Response section, there will be a test question which Sunil has written for you to attempt in exam time. These will be marked, and personal feedback provided.

Final Mock Exam

The ‘icing on the cake’ will be the final mock exam. This will be specifically created for each exam sitting. It will be attempted in exam time on the FME Area of the official ACCA CBE Practice Platform.

WhatsApp Support

Sunil answers your questions on your revision and mock course from the date you enrol (unless Man U is playing!).

How do I purchase ACCA FM Revision Plus Mock Exam Course?

All of Sunil’s accountancy courses are available through the secure FME Learn Online website.

CLICK HERE to visit FME Learn Online website and purchase the course. The website will open in a new browser tab. Secure credit or debit card payments are accepted via Stripe or Paypal the choice is yours.

About Sunil

Sunil has over 30 experience training many successful candidates to enable them to qualify and become members of ACCA, ATT, CIMA, ICAEW & ICAS. Formally the Director of Kaplan. Sunil has also been a marker for 2 UK professional accounting bodies.

Sunil's was recently awarded the PQ Magazine Editors Special Award.

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Phone Kenya: +254 750 533 865


Skype: sunil.bhandari

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