As you are aware, I have adopted a “Triple Revision” approach for this course. This ensures you are properly prepared for the exam in March.

Phase 1 : Pre Revision Videos – this just gets you “warmed up”. You simply watch and digest these. It’s important you watch them all BEFORE Phase 2.

Phase 2: Topic Based Revision.

On each these dates:

1 Feb

3 Feb

6 Feb

8 Feb

10 Feb

I will upload video debriefs of questions grouped together in such a way that you revise the syllabus on a topic by topic basis. In addition, revision notes will be provided. Also I will set related HW questions for you to attempt & submit* for marking.

Hence to be clear each of the 5 sessions will have:

– Videos for you to watch

– Revision Notes

– H/W for you to download

In addition, after each session, I will send you the updated Question Matrix tick off list. Hence you know where we have reached at that point in time.

Phase 3: Live & Recorded Webinars.

On each of these dates:

12 Feb – 14.00 GMT

15 Feb – 14.00 GMT

18 Feb – 09.30 GMT

I will conduct LIVE (will be recorded) Webinars where I will simulate exam conditions to attempt a mix. Revision notes & related homework will be set. The Question Matrix checklist will be updated & provided after each session.

* I recognise that you all have work commitments and may study at weekends etc. Hence you can send ANY of the homework to me , PDF, to me for marking before 28th Feb. This gives you flexibility.

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