Asian weddings are generally grand events with the number of guests (pre COVID) in the hundreds. I am lucky enough to have been invited to many of them.

However, they have all had one common theme. They always run late! People like me with a heritage from the Indian Subcontinent know exactly how to interpret the timings we see on a wedding invitation. We simply add on a minimum of 2 hours !!

On many occasions, I would be teaching on a Saturday or Sunday and my class would finish at 16.30. I would have been invited to a wedding that was due to start at 13.00. I would arrive after my teaching day was over and still appear to be on time 😀.

This “Indian Standard Time” approach is fine for an Asian Wedding. And as you can see for me, it has been beneficial. However, when comes to your preparation for the ACCA September exams, it’s definitely not recommended.

With exam date locked into the diary, your preparation for your ACCA exam must meet a precise schedule.

For instance, I have timetabled my ACCA FM & AFM students to complete their tuition phase by 31st July. The revision period is in the month of August culminating with a dedicated mock exam being held on the weekend of 21-23 August. That gives my students time to put their finishing touches with a post revision plan leading to the exam day on Friday 11th September.

Unfortunately, too many ACCA students start their revision too close to the exam date. Hence, there is not enough time to cover all the syllabus areas. Students try to question spot and get this wrong. Panic sets in and inevitably the end result is not a happy marriage with the exam paper.

Indian standard time is great for the Asian wedding, but is not a marriage made in heaven for your ACCA exam preparation.

BTW – when I got married to Rita in 2008, the ceremony ran on time 😀😀.