I am sure many of you have enjoyed the Star Wars films both the original versions and latest twists on the theme.

I particularly liked the scenes when the Millennium Falcon would jump to hyperspace. It’s a lesson that ACCA students can learn from.

You are probably wondering how? Let me enlighten you.

My experience indicates too many ACCA students enload their studies. They start their tuition phase too late and hence don’t start attempting past ACCA exam questions until they are only a few weeks from the exam. They jump to hyperspace when panic sets in !

My philosophy is a simple one. Study on a steady basis using the watershed dates to separate – tuition, revision & mock phases.

You can attempt past questions as part of the tuition phase, but this must be done with careful planning to ensure you build up confidence rather than destroy it.

For instance, I include 12 past ACCA AFM questions in my tuition course,but they are slotted in as & when they are appropriate.

There will be a natural acceleration of effort during once the revision phase commences and as it progresses. But this must be smooth and planned. It must not be driven by panic because the exam date is 2 weeks away !

Enjoy Star Wars but avoid the jump to hyperspace during your ACCA studies !