“I believe in giving exam tips.” It is unlikely that you will hear many tutors say that. However, for my ACCA papers of FM and AFM, I do make this statement.

However, it’s key is when these tips are provided and how they fit into your studies. With the commencement of the ACCA revision season for September, this is not the time to provide predictions of what may come up in the ACCA exams. This leads to students believing that these forecasts are facts, when clearly they are not.

The revision phase is about applying the knowledge and skills subsumed at the tuition phase to answer past exam questions. All areas of the syllabus must be covered. Tutor support is key at this stage.

However, I always change my ACCA AFM revision plan to accrue for what I believe will appear in next exam. Some topics are more important than others.

The exam question predictions come in when we complete revision. Along with the final mock exam feedback, they give ACCA students areas to concentrate on in the run up to the exam.

Yes, I will provide exam question predictions for my ACCA FM & AFM students. But, this will be the icing on the cake. First of all, we will bake that cake in August.