This is the fourth & final blog to assist ACCA FM students to be ready for Friday’s exam.

When I say “think out of the box”, I am referring to the best order to attack the exam and the exam timings.

I would not recommend the old fashioned 1.8mins per mark. This leads to an imbalance for this exam.

I would suggest that you simply spend 45 mins on Section A, B Q31 & Q32 respectively. Section A & B can be done in less than 54 mins each, but 36 mins is too short for Q31 & Q32.

Also, I would suggest you attempt the exam in the order “CAB”. This will build confidence as normally, Q31 & Q32 are the easiest questions on the paper & “OFR” marking applies. This does not apply to Section A & B.

All the best for Friday.