It goes without saying that the last few months has been incredibly challenging for virtually all businesses. All areas have been affected to some extent by the pandemic.

The recent situation has also highlighted that strategic decisions made in the past has led to harm or benefit. For instance, the UK companies like Morrisons and Marks & Spencer were slow to get into online sales. Primark are still not selling online.

In contrast,Amazon which was originally set up to sell books online, now sells everything you need.

Personally, even though I have taught in the class room for client colleges since 1986, I moved into offering my own online courses in 2013. I could visualise that this would be the future of accountancy training.

Also, we have seen many businesses adapt during the pandemic. For instance, restaurant owners moving into delivering cooked meals to customers in their locality.

The agility shown by these restaurant owners is mainly down to their size. They are small businesses. They can adapt more easily than those “juggernaut” entities.

I am happy to be included in the in that cohort of small agile businesses, as shown by the substantial changes I have made so far to my ACCA FM & AFM Online Courses.

However, I am still on my motorbike moving forward. As you will see by the big announcement I will make on the 1st July. Watch this space !!