The UK Office For National Statistics provides the UK government with the data it needs to make key decisions. They do a great job.

Although not in their league,I have been doing some statistical analysis of my own, which I believe will be of interest to ACCA students.

As ACCA students, you rely upon the subject knowledge, expertise and support provided by the tutor you choose to invest in.

Measuring subject expertise is a qualitative judgement, but based upon quantitative input factors.

So let me take the FME Learn Online platform where I offer my online ACCA FM & AFM courses. I am not alone. I am joined by my colleagues who offer their papers for both the Applied Skills and Strategic Professional Level papers.

I recently carried out my own statistical survey based upon my fellow tutors. It makes interesting reading:

1) 67% of our tutors have been members of a professional accountancy body exam marking team.

2) 38% of our tutors have been an examiner for a professional qualification body.

3) 42% of our tutors have been directors of an accountancy training college of which 2 were managing directors.

4) 3 of our tutors have won a PQ Award, of which 2 are current award winners.

5) 2 of our tutors each have over 34 years of professional accountancy training experience.