Can we predict what will appear in the next ACCA exam? Or to be more precise the Constructive Response Questions that will be set in the Applied Skills Papers? Then the big one, the topics that will be tested ACCA SBR, SBL, AFM, APM,ATX & AAA ?

Well let’s take my two papers and start with ACCA FM.

With 60% of the paper being tested via objective test questions, the whole of the syllabus can be covered in each exam. However, there is clear evidence that the two Constructive Response questions predominantly concentrate on three syllabus areas:

Investment Appraisal

Cost of Capital & L/T Finance

Working Capital Management

It is accepted that other syllabus areas will be part of these questions, but the three topics above are the ‘bricks’ and what ever else is in the question is simply the ‘mortar’.

Let me turn my attention to ACCA AFM. This is a different ball game.

There are several factors to accrue for. The starting point has to be the syllabus guidance. We all know that two syllabus areas have to be tested (to some extent) in all ACCA AFM exams.

To that you can add the topics that have been tested more times than others – the examiners’ “favourites”.

However, these are the two obvious ingredients and certainly not the only ones. You also have to consider the importance of the official ACCA articles as they are regularly tested. Take the ACCA AFM July exam sat last Friday . Three ACCA AFM articles were tested ( of which I wrote two and contributed to the other one).

Finally, you have to understand the the pattern recent exam questions. It is clear, that all of the ACCA AFM questions have been sourced from past ACCA P4 exam questions. It’s not about reinventing the wheel, but more about changing the spokes on the wheel.

For instance, my analysis of the ACCA July Exam, I can link each question back to:

Q1 = 3 x past questions.

Q2 = 2 x past questions

Q3 = 3 x past questions.

I totally advocate that ACCA students have to prepare thoroughly & properly for their exam. (Tuition, Revision & Mock Exam).

However, I was content with my predictions for the ACCA March 2020 exams, but for the ACCA AFM July exam, the variance between my predictions vs what actually appeared would be described by an auditor as “not material”.

My crystal ball is ready & waiting for the ACCA FM & AFM September Revision Courses.