You have probably never heard of Mr Linus Tadt. But, for those ACCA students who are sitting their exams in September, I would take heed of what he has said.

I have been a follower of Mr Tadt’s philosophy for most of my career in this profession. He has been a major influence on me and my thoughts.

Interpreting his philosophy and applying it to my world is such a key to success for the students. When he came up with his “-, +, + , – = ++”. view, I could see what he was getting at. I could read his mind.

Let me interpret for you with a relevant example. Note all it’s contents.

You are an ACCA student getting ready for the September exams. You have self studied or just completed a tuition course only. You look at the Exam Kit and think – where do I start ? You are thinking you are only going to get 30% in the exam, whether true or not. You are in the “-“ position.

Now you think, I need help. I will take a revision course. You get guidance. You get tutor support. You will now add 20% to your expected mark. You have added “+”. But you are still at 50% – that’s borderline.

So now decide let’s.attempt an exam standard mock exam & get it marked with positive feedback. So now you add 10% points to your mark (+). You are on to pass.

However, as Mr Linus Tadt stated on the day of the exam the nerves kick in. You lose 5% (-) points of your natural performance.

But you are now at 55%. You have passed & may well have qualified. (++).