You have probably never heard of Mr Linus Tadt. But, for those ACCA students who are sitting their exams in June I would take heed of what he has said.

I have been a follower of Mr Tadt’s philosophy for most of my career in this profession. He has been a major influence on me and my thoughts.

Interpreting his philosophy and applying it to my world is such a key to success for the students. When he came up with his “+ 20 -5” I understood exactly what he was saying. 

Let me interpret for you with a relevant example. 

You are an ACCA student getting ready for the June exams. You have studied hard, but now need to check if you match up to the standard needed to pass. 

Now you think, shall I attempt a marked mock exam and get feedback. Will I benefit if I invest? 

Linus Tadt would say yes. Why ? Because the exam timed CBE mock should add at least 20% points to your potential mark. Take you to a clear pass – say 60%. 

However, as Mr Linus Tadt stated on the day of the exam the nerves kick in. You lose 5% (-) points of your natural performance.

But you are now at least 55%. You have passed & may well have qualified.