This is the second in my series of blogs to assist ACCA students preparing for the June exams.

In this post, I want to turn my attention to how to allocate your time for both ACCA FM & AFM students. I believe you need to ditch the idea of ‘minutes per mark’. This is old school and does not work anymore.

Let’s begin with the ACCA FM students. Section A & B objective test sections are each with 30%. It does not require 54 mins per section. Nor should it be completed in 30 mins.

Q31 & Q32, the constructive response questions now needs more than 36 minutes each. You are expected to prepare the written elements in a more verbose (but not too verbose) way.

So this leads me to recommend that you simply allocate the time as 45 mins each on Sections A ,B, Q31 & Q32.

Also, I would recommend you attempt the paper in the “CAB” order. This matches to the relative easy to hard level of the questions set.

Finally, practice this on an exam timed mock exam. I have mock weekend on 28-30th May. The ACCA FM mock is an exact mimic of the real exam.

The mock is open to all students, just get in touch to get enrolled.

My next blog will explain how to allocate your time to the ACCA AFM exam. It’s even more radical, but hugely effective.