This is the third in my series of blogs that support ACCA students getting ready for the June exams.

This one is designed to assist the ACCA AFM students and is about how to allocate your exam time.

As I stated in my last blog, I think outside of the box when it comes to time allocation. The minutes per marks approach is not for me!

So, what do I recommend ?

It’s called the “48-47-10-40sh-50sh” and it works. Let me explain;:

48mins = Q2 or Q3

47mins = Q2 or Q3

10mins = Read Q1

40-45mins = ALL the written in Q1*

50-45mins = Appendices

*This includes the report WITHOUT reference to the calculations. This can be done & I can prove this to you.

I did a webinar last Sunday, where I showed attendees how to attempt ACCA Q1 using a very relevant recent question. I did all the written aspects first. It was an eye opener for those who attended.

If you want the link to the recording & a copy of my answer, get in touch.

Also, you can practice the above timings in my upcoming ACCA CBE mock exam. Once again, get in touch to get the link.

Next blog, the most regularly tested theory topics.