This blog continues the series of blogs designed to help those students preparing for the up coming ACCA exams.

In this piece, I want turn your attention to the importance of the theory elements of both my papers ACCA FM & AFM.

In both exams, the theories/written parts represent a substantial part of the exam. However, many students underestimate what is needed to gain a good score.

To ensure we put this right, there are two points to note:

1) Learn the most regularly tested theory/ written syllabus topics.

2) Construct your answers correctly.

The former is a challenge, given the size of the official textbooks. They are huge.

I have solved the problem. I have created a set of key point notes + MP4 recordings pulling together the repeat theories for my papers.

ACCA FM Theory-Wise

ACCA AFM Theory Pack

If you wish to obtain a copy of either of the above,get in touch ASAP.

As regards constructing an answer. Use short sentences or two sentence paragraphs.

Numbered points are fine when appropriate, but not one or two word bullets. That’s a no go area.

My next blog will cover the “cardinal sins” to be avoided at all cost.