This is my final support blog for ACCA FM & AFM sitting their exams a week from today.

All things change over time. The exams have moved from paper based to CBE. Change also means thinking outside of the box.

The concept of allocating minutes per mark is, in my view, now old school. You need to take a fresh view & one that will ensure you score marks more efficiently & effectively.

Let’s start with FM. You need more time to complete the two constructive response questions, especially the theory. We can take this from section A & B. Also, Q31 & Q32 are normally more straight forward than Section A & B.

So I recommend:

45 mins = Q31 or Q32

45 mins = Q31 or Q32

45 mins = Section A

45 mins = Section B

Now, let’s look at AFM. Too many students get sucked into Q1 and spend far too much time on that question. This leaves them no time to spend on Q2 & Q3. The latter are relatively easier questions.

Also, it’s a fallacy that you have to complete the Q1 appendices to allow you to write the report. You don’t & I have shown my approach in my Q1 webinars (please contact me if you want the link).

Hence, I strongly recommend:

48 mins = Q2 or Q3

47 mins = Q2 or Q3

10 mins = Read Q1 starting with the requirements

40 mins = All the written parts including the report

50 mins = Appendices

Trust me, both timings work.

Good Luck in your exams next week.