The traditional line of thinking, when it comes to exam timing, is minutes per marks. It has stood the test of “time” but for my exams, I look at things differently.

For ACCA FM, I would recommend you keep it simple & divide the time into 4 x 45mins. Also, I would recommend an order of attack.

45 mins = Q31 or Q32

45 mins = Q31 or Q32

45 mins = Section A

45 mins = Section B

For ACCA AFM, I look at things in a more radical, but effective manner. My past ACCA AFM students can testify that this works.

48 mins = Q2 or Q3

47 mins = Q2 or Q3

10 mins = All of Q1, starting with the requirements.

40 mins = Do all the written parts including the Report. Yes, you can do the report prior to sitting the appendices. *

50 mins = Complete the calculations in the appendices. *

You may query if you can attempt Q1 in this order – written before the calculations. Please see this video as proof.

May I wish you all good luck in your ACCA FM or AFM exams. 🤞🤞.