The ACCA March exam marking must now be coming to an end with the results being published on Monday 12th April.

Strategic Professional Level papers such as AFM & APM has a Q1 worth 50 marks. This will require the students to write a report or memorandum inc attached appendices showing the calculations.

There are always 4 easy marks available for structure & presentation of the report. You should all know how these are allocated for your subject. All students should earn these and if you miss out, you will be very disappointed.

One of the four marks is for heading up your report. Many students correctly head up their reports as follows:

To: BoD of XYZ Co

From: *

Date: date of the exam

Subject: As per the requirement

You noticed I left the * this blank. It should always be blank ! Please do not type in your name. You must not identify yourself to any marker.

Also, don’t put in what you think is a funny name, like “Mickey Mouse” or “Donald Duck”. For one, it’s unprofessional and for two the markers have a low sense of humour when on answer 250 with another 250 to go !!

Better still, just start your report like this:

“Report to the BoD of XYZ Co”

The problem cannot then arise.