A very comprehensive ACCA AFM course

The ACCA AFM Platinum Package is a comprehensive ACCA AFM course! It incorporates all you need to ensure you are ready to pass ACCA AFM.

Why choose Sunil as your accountancy tutor?

Sunil Bhandari has been an accountancy tutor since 1986, and was formally the Director of the Financial Training Company (now Kaplan) in Birmingham and was the founder and Managing Director of BPP Birmingham Ltd. He has trained many successful candidates to enable them to qualify and become member of ACCA.

Sunil writes articles relating to ACCA AFM which are regularly published in the accountancy training press, and has been a marker for 2 UK professional accounting bodies.

What sets this course apart from the rest?

NEW Tuition HD Videos

24 High quality tuition videos, averaging 2 hours each, presented by Sunil where the entire ACCA AFM syllabus is lectured on a topic-by-topic basis.

Completed Course Notes

Completed course notes (PDF format) accompany each tuition video and include exam standard illustrations.

Kaplan Online Text Book

The latest version of the Kaplan online textbook for reference and background reading.

Kaplan Online Revision Kit

The latest version of the Kaplan on line Revision Kit containing past AFM exam questions, as well as other exam standard questions. 

Tuition Homework Questions

Either an extract from or a complete past ACCA AFM question carefully selected to match the topics studied to date.

End of Tuition Mock Exam

A specifically created end of tuition mock exam to be attempted prior to the start of the revision phase. Submissions are marked to ACCA AFM exam standard.

End of Tuition Mock Personal Vidoe debrief

A 5-minute video just for you discussing ‘the good, the bad and the indifferent’ of your script.

Pre-revision recap questions

A pre-revision question and answer pack, as well as video debrief lectures on those questions.

NEW Double Revision Approach

Sunil has designed the NEW Double Revision Approach as a more comprehensive and effective way to prepare for the ACCA AFM exam. There are two phases to this:

1. Syllabus/Topic based revision phase – each of the first seven sessions explores a core AFM topic using 2 or 3 past exam questions using notes and pre-recorded lectures. Within each section, one question is set for you to work to be marked by Sunil. These 7 sessions collectively cover the whole syllabus.

2. Full exam practice phase – in the second phase, Sunil will demonstrate how to attempt complete AFM exams by taking you through a complete real exam.”

Completed Revision Notes

These accompany each of the revision webinars and are in a PDF format.

Video Answer Bank

Sunil has attempted all ACCA AFM questions, under exam conditions, set by the current ACCA AFM examining team, and recorded his attempt via a video lecture. These video lectures will be used at various points during the period of the course.

Marked Revision Homework Questions

Specified questions will be set for submission during the revision phase and will be marked by Sunil.

ACCA Articles

All relevant official ACCA articles relevant to each topic are shown with that topic – so you cover everything on a topic at the same time, and it’s all easy to find and read.

How to Notes

A revision aide demonstrating the steps and processes needed to successfully complete key AFM calculations.

Theory Pack

The unique document (PDF format) aggregates all the key AFM theory/written answers into one place – what to write and how to write it to pass this paper. This is accompanied by 6 x Podcast / MP4 recordings which can be saved to your mobile phone: perfect for ‘revising on the move’.

Tutor Support

Sunil will provide full tutorial support via all modes – email, SMS, text, WhatsApp, Skype and Facetime.

Post Revision question and answer packs

Key questions to attempt after the end of the revision phase.

Revision Mock Exam

A dedicated revision mock exam to be attempted at the conclusion of the revision phase. Submissions will be marked to exam standard by a current AFM Marking team member. Video Debriefs of each of the 3 questions covering the technical aspects and exam technique issues will be uploaded directly after the submission date.

Revision Mock Exam Personal Video Debrief

A 5-minute video just for you discussing ‘the good, the bad and the indifferent’ of your script. Tough love when you need it most. Exam Tips will be available as part of this service.

Pass Assurance

Sunil is confident that completing this course should get you a pass in ACCA AFM. BUT, if you are not successful and have met the scheme conditions, either you will be enrolled on the Platinum Package for the next AFM exam (excluding updated Kaplan materials) or I will refund your fee (at my option).  Re-enrolment will give you the same pass guarantee on your new course – so you can repeat this process with no limit. Scheme conditions (conditions apply afresh each time you are enrolled on a course under this Scheme):

1. You must achieve a mark of at least 40% on the End of Revision Mock Exam included in this course.

2. You achieved a mark of at least 40% on the AFM exam to which this course relates OR your sitting was cancelled at the centre where you were enrolled to sit.

3. You must email a copy of your ACCA AFM results or cancellation notification within one week of receiving that results or cancellation notification, and request re-enrolment under this Pass Assurance Scheme.

How do I purchase The Platinum Package?

All of Sunil’s accountancy courses are available through the secure FME Learn Online website.

CLICK HERE to visit FME Learn Online website and purchase the course. The website will open in a new browser tab. Secure credit or debit card payments are accepted via Stripe.


About Sunil

Sunil has over 30 experience training many successful candidates to enable them to qualify and become members of ACCA, ATT, CIMA, ICAEW & ICAS. Formally the Director of Kaplan. Sunil has also been a marker for 2 UK professional accounting bodies.

Sunil's was recently awarded the PQ Magazine Editors Special Award.

Contact Details

Phone UK: +44 7593 644 380

Phone India: +91 8360 062722

Phone Kenya: +254 750 533 865


Skype: sunil.bhandari

WhatsApp: +44 7593 644 380