This is my little assessment of Sunil’s premium AFM course, which includes tuition, revision and mock.


It’s like a breath of fresh air! I have always complained about the tuition provided by the so-called big traditional providers because they rarely use exam standard questions on their tuition course. This inadvertently give students false hope until they see real exam questions. Sunil’s tuition on the contrary, delves straight into past exam questions from the very first lecture. The importance of this cannot be underrated. Also, the teaching style employed makes complex areas so easy to understand. It’s incredibly!


At this stage, it’s all about cementing what was taught at the tuition phase through practicing a lot of past exam questions. Trust me, you will be made to complete and submit for marking, exam standard questions. These questions are made available as paper based or via ACCA’s CBE platform. This gives CBE students the experience of using ACCA”s CBE platform; an invaluable element to the course.


This simulates the real exam; 3hrs 15mins of pure exam pressure on ACCA’s CBE platform for CBE students and an alternative provision for paper-based students. Unbelievable experience!


AFM has often been labelled, the most challenging paper out of the four optional papers, and rightfully so. However, Sunil’s teaching style, his approach to answering exam questions and his unrivalled commitment to his students via his WhatsApp group, has actually turned AFM into an enjoyable paper. I once referred to him as the “second coming” on the WhatsApp platform; I meant every bit of it! Thank you, Sunil.

JI – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – September 2020

I have studied with Sunil before in FM and I knew from then on, I wanted to do AFM and wanted Sunil as my tutor (maybe that wouldn’t have been the case if I didn’t come across him). His way of teaching makes the subjects so enjoyable that even the difficult knowledge automatically gets absorbed. The commitment and dedication I have seen from Sunil is the best yet from any tutor from any institute.

From the Video exam kit to his WhatsApp group he provides a personalised service which really feels like a one to one service. I am not the most disciplined person when it comes to studying but Sunil has pushed and supported me to complete all revision questions, mock exam and outlined questions to do in the build up to the exam.

We have had exposure to CBE exam timed questions in the revision phase and 2 CBE exam time mock exams. This type of preparation really is over and beyond a normal type of study plan I have ever had before, and I feel 100% confident in sitting AFM due to the guidance and techniques learnt from Sunil.

You can really see his experience in the exam tips and advice he gives on the WhatsApp group, information such as best questions to complete in each topic or important areas of a question. I heard rumours he is the ‘AFM Guru’ but I can truly confirm he is, being one of his students for September 2020 exam. If you want a secure a pass in AFM. Sunil is the man!

DM – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – September 2020

Sunil’s videos going through the practice questions are well explained and have been really useful for me to understand the rationale behind some multi choice questions where you may just guess right but with the wrong rationale. The What’s App group has been great, prompt responses always and good to hear from people also sitting the exam. Mock marking was quick and feedback was thorough. Thanks again.

HG – ACCA FM Revision – September 2020

I have had an excellent experience with Sunil Bhandari. Well-structured tuition videos and revisions videos covering the whole syllabus with basics well explained. Also, with assignments to submit every 3-4 days was the best technique on test reach. Best Computer based experience, test reach (Same software as ACCA) I found myself liking the computer based because I was progressing every step of the revisions. The aid made it a lot easier 🙂 He exactly knows where our weaknesses are and gives a huge support to the cohort as well as on a 1 to 1 level. I would definitely recommend him to any students wanting to do AFM.

HRS – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – September 2020

Content: This is brilliant, covers syllabus and there are a wide variety of resources (course notes, pod casts, video debriefs).

Clarity: Very well presented in an easy to understand manner. Easy to follow and systematic.

Practice: Lots of questions provided in exam time to get a feel for the real exam. Marked and given feedback.

*Tutor: *Over and above what you would usually get. Picked up on weakness and helped to address them slowly motivating along the way.

Value for money: Massive yes!

*Would I recommend: *Only to Man United supporters – LOL !!!!

KS – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – September 2020

The AFM course with Sunil is a must for every student who desires to excel beyond the AFM ACCA exam. The tuition course is well detailed to give you thorough understanding of the concepts of AFM. Sunil teaches extremely well passing the information across in the most simplistic manner. AFM is broad and one can easily get lost but this course brought everything together nicely with rich and realistic examples. The VEK (Video Exam Kit) is top notch. Questions debriefed to time with salient points covered. Beyond passing the ACCA exam, knowledge stays with you!!!

OO – ACCA AFM Video Exam Kit & Mock Exam Service – September 2020

Sunil’s AFM course from the start to the end was amazing and it has been the best ACCA course I’ve been to. The support he provides is great along with all the material he has prepared for the exam. I’ve used other well-known ACCA providers and Sunil’s content and knowledge is on another level. If Carlsberg did AFM tutors, you’ll be the one!!!

MP – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – September 2020

Sunil Sir’s Technique in teaching AFM and FM are really good and helpful. His online tuitions and revision course are very constructive. He taught you the way to read the question and how to use the information provided in scenario in your Answer. On top of that, his WhatsApp support is awesome and quick to respond to your queries. Homework questions, revision test, 3 mock tests all are set to test your understanding time to time during the course period. I highly recommend Sunil Sir for FM and AFM. You can’t find anyone like him and he is the best in This subject.

NS – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – September 2020

I have recently studied FM via Sunil’s online tuition & revision sessions. FM is a subject I find difficult but I have been put at ease since using this platform.

The videos and course material is great. I have found it especially useful that I was able to pause the video to solidify my knowledge before moving on. I have also found it useful that I was able to re watch chapters which I found difficult, a massive advantage to classroom learning! The videos and material is broken down and explained in such a way that it never seemed so daunting as when first reading the chapters.

Sunil has always answered any of my queries in a timely manner and to a standard which has helped me simplify and understand the problems I was having. I have not felt like I have been on my own throughout any of this study phase.

KH – ACCA FM Tuition & Revision – September 2020

Prior to discovering FME Online, I failed AFM on many occasions when tutored by an alternative tuition provider. However, with Sunil Bhandari’s support and guidance I passed!

The teaching material is very detailed and the method of teaching made the course interesting and simple to understand. Sunil teaches through online videos with homework questions which he marks and provides feedback.

The course is tailored to both CBE and paper-based formats. Throughout the course, Sunil pays key attention to past papers and the importance of practising to answer past exam questions. After each phase of tuition, a mock under exam conditions (for CBE, mirrored the real experience) is taken. It is marked and submitted back with valuable feedback.

Sunil administers a WhatsApp group for his students to ask questions. The 24/7 support provided on the group was extremely helpful as Sunil got back to questions right away. I would recommend Sunil to everyone studying Advanced Financial Management as his passion for the subject and determination to help all his students pass is unbeatable. 

RP – ACCA AFM CBE Platinum Package & Video Exam Kit – July 2020 (Proctored CBE)

Overall, I am very happy with the materials provided. The videos themselves are very high detailed and help to break down the many complicated concepts and theories of AFM. I would say that the unseen CBE Mock Exam carried out using the Test Reach software itself was the most useful resource such that it gave me the opportunity to actually use and get used to the exam software itself which is very different to ‘typical’ word processing and spreadsheet packages, and it also helped to closely simulate the pressurised exam environment.

HP – ACCA AFM CBE Tuition & Video Exam Kit – July 2020 (Proctored CBE)

After failing AFM on my first attempt I knew I needed a lecturer who would be able to explain the key aspects of AFM in a simple manner which would allow me to understand and improve my exam technique.

Via a google search for AFM lecturers I was directed to FME learn online and I quickly browsed through the content. The ACCA AFM Video Revision Kit captured my attention along with the WhatsApp support group and other key packages. The Videos were simple, contained lots of advice and made me understand concepts I struggled with Sunil is a great teacher, I would recommend his courses to everyone! AFM has one of the lowest past rates for the ACCA professional examinations.

If you are one of those persons who have struggled and is looking for a simple yet effective exam approach …make the investment in buying this course. Quality content with lots of support!

Isaac Boatswain – ACCA Video Exam Kit – March 2020

I had struggled a lot with FM before I found FME online. The video questions were such a big help along with the mock, it made me see where I was going wrong, also having the instant WhatsApp support to ask for any help made a difference, thank you Sunil

Deb Cox – ACCA FM Tuition & Revision – March 2020

After four fails in FM a friend introduced me to Sunil, we started the course using his online platform study which was excellent and with lots of content and after the study we went on to his intense and revision program and updated mock exams, honestly l wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for Sunil (l will not hesitate or shy away to say FM is a tough paper and one needs to have a good Provider like Sunil) finally l have cleared it and l m so grateful for his good work. What l love most is his prompt response to students when they have questions at any stage of studying and revision. Namaste Sunil and team.

Shingie Rusere – ACCA FM Tuition & Revision – March 2020

Thanks for your guidance and support your AFM courses is second to none. I would recommend everyone studying AFM not to hesitate to enrol. You are a true AFM Guru. Finally, I am an affiliate.

Martin Phiri – ACCA AFM Enhanced Tuition – March 2020

Sunil I just want to say an enormous thank you for all your help with the AFM exam. The level of detail in your course content, the dedication to the learning and the support you give to your students is amazing. After failing the AFM paper on couple of occasions, I enrolled on your course and scored 61%. Thanks again!

George Nash – ACCA AFM Enhanced Revision – March 2020

Hi Sunil, I have just passed my AFM exam which was my last Acca exam and I have to give a huge thank you to your FME online Tuition, Revision and Mock Exam resources which I used exclusively for this paper. I didn’t have to go through a text book and I picked up so much from the way you tackle past exam papers and your exam technique. I had a lot of difficulty motivating myself for this paper, however thanks to your brilliant tuition and excellent easy to understand method of teaching, I ended up actually really loving the course and loving the exam. Thank you and FME learning so much. Especially practicing your 48-47-10-40-50 exam technique really got me through this exam in the end. THANK YOU SO MUCH SUNIL.

Mohammed Chowdhury – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – March 2020

I decided to use Sunil’s study materials after failing AFM exam in December 2019, and the level of the detail and knowledge provided by Sunil was amazing and he made the topic very easy to understand. I was very impressed with Sunil’s approach and continuous support on a daily basis, Sunil always answered every question raised by me and the other students in the way that I understood the subject and knew how to apply it in the questions.
Sunil’s dedication and support to his students is amazing and I would truly recommend Sunil to anyone who is studying AFM. Thank you Sunil.

Miroslava Maradova – ACCA AFM Mock Exam Service – March 2020

I enrolled into Sunil’s Mock revision + videos bank courses after attempting the exam under the tuition of another well-known provider, but failed.

I knew there was something wrong with my exam technique and decided to try Sunil’s courses as I had heard good things about him.

The video bank takes you through all available past exam questions and teaches you ways to gain maximum marks in the allotted time.

The Mock exam course, together with the workings + theory notes made the entire experience a lot more enjoyable (never thought I would say that about AFM).

The topics, questions selected for revision and the tips at the end of the course were all so valuable.

Moreover, Sunil is super approachable and supportive. No question is ever left unanswered or deemed too silly. I truly believe Sunil really wants his students to do well and it shows.

I achieved 55% at the December 2019 exam but had I failed again, there is no doubt in my mind I would return to Sunil’s courses!

Pierrette – ACCA AFM Video Exam Kit & Mock Exam Service – December 2019

After reading the rave reviews, I was still unsure about signing up. I passed the exam first time because I did sign up! With a technical subject like AFM, you often need clarification on something you haven’t understood. Rather than wasting much longer on your own, Sunil would be available to take a phone call to quickly clarify a question or elaborate on the subject. I would arrange a call almost on a daily basis leading up to the exam. This level of personalised feedback and time spent with a student is practically unheard of with large providers. Thank you, Sunil, for your honest feedback and your ability to push your students to pass!

Sajni – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – December 2019

Hello Sir finally I got it – passed with 65%. Special thanks for your support and guidance during the course. Your way of teaching was amazing and really effective, help me to manage my time amongst study and work. Additionally, revision, quizzes and mock exam were exactly to the point and help me to being prepared for the unexpected – as question 3 was. Exam tips and predictions closely to the exam!!!

Sir I can say that you are the Guru on AFM course the tutor that every student needs next to him in order to digest the course and feel strong on exam day

Once again thanking you so much, so much grateful.

Nikolas – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – December 2019

Hi Sunil,

What a wonderful Monday Morning.

I passed FM with 53%!!!

After 7 failed attempts with other providers. I want to give you round of applause for all the help and support you gave me to clear FM.

The winning secret is 350 debrief questions and your mock exam.

Have a fab day Sir!

David – ACCA FM No Pass No Pay Revision – December 2019

Despite the exam being one of the hardest that has been released, I passed! And believe this is down to the support, help and guidance of Sunil. His availability 24/7 was incredibly useful and I couldn’t be more thankful. I highly recommend for anyone looking to study AFM.

Joe – ACCA AFM Revision & Mock Exam Courses – December 2019

First of all, Thanks a lot and a lot that I have passed my AFM.  To be honest with you, I have never seen a brilliant teacher of AFM like you. Your lectures and videos were precise, comprehensive and the most important element is that the notes are written to the point that what student needs.  After passing this exam, I am confident that AFM is NOT a hard exam but it needs relevant and to the point knowledge and concept, which you delivered fantastically. Finally, I have also recommended to some of my friends to seek lecture from Mr. Sunil Bhandari, the great tycoon of AFM and soon they will be your students.

Once again, highly thankful to you, it was a long journey for me with ups & downs and Al Hamdulillah completed the ACCA route. Now ACCA Affiliated.

Faras – ACCA AFM Enhanced Tuition – December 2019

Hi Sunil. Passed AFM with 55. Finally, an affiliate.

I have tried other online tuition providers but your personal touch and 24/7 support made the difference.

Many many thanks

Meritza – ACCA AFM Revision & Mock Exam Courses – December 2019

Respected Sir, Mr Sunil

He was excellent in clarifying doubts and most of all he was available online and while studying clarifying doubts, his notes are short precise cover all portions and he gives out most care to everyone from lectures to till the results day making sure we don’t panic. I remember in our WhatsApp group we shared songs that day to stay motivated and relaxed even jokes such was the feeling I went to exam without panic which helped me throughout my exam. I am thanking him wholeheartedly for his support and kind gesture. In short, He is an excellent teacher and motivator.

Syed Ali Mahdi Muscat, Oman – ACCA AFM Mock Exam Service, ‘How to Notes’ & Theory Pack – December 2019

Sunil your support helped me pass a paper I had written 4 times already before meeting you. Through your guidance I worked on my exam technique and passed.

Mawuli – ACCA AFM Mock Exam Service – December 2019

I first met Sunil when studying for FM after I had taken 18 months away from ACCA to get married. I quickly realised that Sunil takes his lessons very seriously and is very much invested in his students. I enjoyed FM so much that I decided to take on AFM as well. When studying AFM, I saw the efforts that Sunil goes to for his students. He was continually flying between the UK and India to due to a serious family issue , but he was still available to his students to students over e-mail and checking external information sources for changes (Eg the order of ACCA technical articles) so that he could give his students the best chance of success. I cannot think of a single tutor I would give a higher recommendation than Sunil.

Daniel – ACCA FM & AFM Kaplan Classroom Birmingham – December 2019

Thanks to Sunil, I passed both FM & AFM first time & I cannot thank him enough!. He knows his subject inside out and makes it relatable & he’s always available to help (unless Man Utd are playing!) AFM in particular is hard! But if your struggling with a concept he can approach it if from a different angle to help you understand- not many tutors I’ve come across can do that! The detail in which he analyses both the syllabus & past exams is unapparelled & that enables him to pass on exam techniques, tips & hints that really can be the difference between a pass or fail. I would recommend Sunil to everyone sitting a Financial Management paper.

Greg – ACCA FM & AFM Kaplan Classroom Birmingham – December 2019

Enhanced platinum tuition course

The tuition phase is extremely interesting where topics are broken down into detailed sections, real-life examples of companies are discussed during the lectures. During the tuition course, students get to attempt past exam questions to get a feel of how the real exam is going to be. And also, past trends of the ACCA exam questions are analysed and discussed. Also, if you’re a fan of Manchester United FC and slight humour. Sunil is the way to go.

Enhanced platinum revision course

Sunil ensures that the topics and questions selected for the revision phase are tailored specifically to the current exam sitting, although the entire syllabus is covered and no topic is compromised. Each question (50 or 25 marks) in the video exam kit is deconstructed and explained in detail. The revision homework questions marked was of great help since marks are allocated according to exam standard.

Platinum mock exam service

The mock service was very crucial for passing the AFM paper, as long as students put in the time and effort, passing the AFM exam is guaranteed. Among the others worth mentioning is the dedicated WhatsApp group support is what makes this course so helpful. Sunil puts in the sincere effort and commitment to help his students pass their exams.

Thank you, Sunil.

Renny Matthew – ACCA AFM Complete Package – September 2019

Hello Sir, I passed my FM exam with a score of 55%. Your revision course did the trick. Thank you and I will be with you for AFM.

AL – ACCA FM Tuition and Revision – September 2019

Good Morning Sunil – as predicted 10 marks added to my ACCA AFM Mock Exam. I got 59% I am now done with ACCA. Thank you

HT – ACCA AFM Mock Exam & Tips – September 2019

Hi Sir, I got 60% in my ACCA FM exam – thank you so much. Your revision course made a huge difference.

FE – ACCA FM Revision – September 2019

Hi, I just wanted to tell you I passed AFM with 58%. This was my final exam. I could not have done this without your revision course and exam tips. Brilliant Sunil.

TR – ACCA AFM Revision & Mock Exam Service (inc Exam Tips) – September 2019

My experience of having taken the AFM Platinum package, was a cost effective and focused study method for the AFM paper. The package was inclusive of the tuition, revision and mock courses. The support I received from our Instructor, Sunil, was very prompt and helpful. From receiving tips on tuition and revision, to getting an opinion on how we stand based on the mocks and homework sessions, really helped me prepare in the 2 months prior to the exam date. Sunil made the topics very easy to understand with a hint of good humour and examples along the way. The pace of the tuition and revision courses helped me ensure that I was well versed with the topics and revision well before the exam date. Thank you, Sunil, for the wonderful course package and for all your support and guidance. Highly recommend this course to anyone studying for the AFM paper.

ZI – ACCA AFM Complete Package – September 2019

AFM was the final exam I had to complete before I would be qualified. After failing with another learning provider, my confidence in my ability to pass was very low. However, Sunil’s revision course was fantastic and made me realise how little I knew about AFM. Sunil explained each question so thoroughly, making it easy for anyone to understand. His notes are really simple and are a lifesaver. Getting my homework marked and doing a tough mock was really important. Sunil even sent me a personal video debrief – Thank you so much! I would recommend Sunil’s course to all AFM students. I passed and so will you.

CAH – ACCA AFM Revision & Mock Exam Service (inc Exam Tips) – September 2019

Sunil, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the AFM exam with a mark of 65%. It was all down to the Video Exam Kit – it’s a game changer. As you know I had very little time to study with my work commitments. But being able to watch the question videos on my phone and at anytime was brilliant. Also, thanks for clearing my queries on WhatsApp group so promptly – it was a huge help.

RE – ACCA AFM Video Exam Kit – September 2019

I was at the edge of giving up AFM when I came across your tweets, I remember telling myself “just one last try!”

When I enrolled for the video exam kit and platinum mock service, i got to understand everything I was doing wrong in all my previous attempts, particularly,

1. The video exam kit, you attacked each question as if we were in the real exam, how to get the easy marks first and maximise in the harder parts something I was seeing for the first time. Most tutors talk about exam technique but they don’t show us how to go about it, You did.

2. The mock exam service was a plus and that personalised video debrief just put me on the right track to success, going through my marked scripted and picking up all the mistakes helped me so much in the last week before exams.

3. The WhatsApp support group was excellent with not even one single question going unanswered. Then came what I call the Masterpiece – the “football formation”. I never thought that you could incorporate the football game into an exam, but this formula just put the ball into the goal for me.

Today 15th July 2019 am officially an affiliate! All the way from Africa, Zambia My Mother Land am saying THANK YOU for making me feel the joys of success! KEEP IT UP WITH THE GOOD WORK! NOBODY DOES IT BETTER THAT YOU! believe you me.

MK – ACCA AFM Video Exam kit & Mock Exam Service – June 2019

Your course comprehensively covers the entire AFM syllabus. The videos can be watched as many times until one understands the concept. Apart from this the 247 tutor support provided through WhatsApp group is amazing as questions raised by fellow students helps clarify our own queries.

This course is the without doubt the recipe for success in the AFM exam.

Thanks a lot Sunil for everything.

TC – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – June 2019

AFM being one of the toughest papers in ACCA, I thought it would be hard to crack it in the first attempt. However, with Sunil’s enhanced tuition course and support I was able to pass the exam in the first attempt. Sunil is the best tutor in AFM. Anyone who is busy at work and want to pass AFM alongside, his online tuition and exam tips are the key to pass the exam.

SGS – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – June 2019

Hi Sunil,

Loved the way how your course covered the whole syllabus through repeatedly practicing past exam questions. That was the deciding factor. I am also thankful how you were hands on in answering my queries and clearing any doubts. I’ve already recommended you to few friends and will continue to do so.

FK – ACCA AFM Enhanced Platinum Revision & Mock Exam Service – June 2019

Sunil Sir, I cleared FM. I did not tell you when I joined your course that this was my third attempt. This time I got 60%. Your course made the difference. Also, thank you for taking the time to call me after my mock exam. That helped to motivate me so so much. Blessings to you and your family.

EH – ACCA FM No Pass No Pay Revision – June 2019

Sunil, I am delighted to say that as a result of your masterful teaching I have passed the AFM paper. It is a tough and highly technical paper but your ability to break down and simplify the more complex areas of the syllabus was key. I will recommend you to anybody intending to sit AFM. Thank you so much.

GJ – ACCA AFM Enhanced Platinum Tuition & ACCA AFM Video Exam – June 2019

Thank you, sir, for creating a unique course that goes through all the questions very well. I went through this course about 3 times over and happy with how Sunil explains each question, no other tutor provides a course like this and so glad I passed my AFM on first attempt and completed my ACCA Journey! I cannot thank you enough sir for all your help and support with this course.

LD – ACCA AFM Video Exam Kit – June 2019

Good morning Mr Sunil. I passed my AFM exam and finally I am done with ACCA. This was my second sitting for AFM. My first attempt was March 2019. Back then I never loved the AFM paper due to forex and when I self-prepared for the March exam, I lacked the techniques of attempting forex questions. I think that was the very reason why I failed in the March sitting. For the June exam I studied with your course notes, podcasts, videos and even purchased your mock service. By the time I completed preparations for the June exam I was in love with the AFM paper. You made me fall in love with an ACCA paper that I never liked. Thank you so much for the tremendous support and guidance you provided throughout my June AFM journey. I enjoyed every minute of your coaching as well as your marvellous sense of humour. Your tips are magic!! May God bless you!

AS – AFM Complete Package – June 2019

It was one of my best decision to join Mr Sunil Bhandari’s course. He has a perfect way of resolving problems related to this course. His attitude towards helping anytime is highly appreciable.

I enjoyed learning with Sunil and would surely recommend students for his course.

SS – ACCA FM Comprehensive Tuition & ACCA FM No Pass No Pay Revision – June 2019

Hi Sunil,

I’m glad to let you know that I passed the examination with 66 marks and am now awaiting confirmation of my ACCA membership.

I believe that the key to my success was your exam technique and I am very grateful for your help.

SH – Mock Exam Service – June 2019

Good day Sir. Hope you are doing great? I wrote AFM in June 2019 and I was able to answer 70% of the paper. I scored 55 and I am very grateful, Sir.

God bless you Sir.

JO – ACCA AFM Enhanced Platinum Tuition – June 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU (TEACHER SUNIL BHANDARI) for the CONSTANT & FULL SUPPORT that I had with you during my study period of AFM Paper (P4) this year. I failed the first time I did where I took my course with another Teacher in December 2018. I made the decision to take FME ONLINE after that where I found my success in P4. I love the “Video Exam Kit” that has been produced by you. It is really perfect for any student preparing for AFM Paper. The Mock Exam structure that you provide is very in line with real ACCA Exam, I found yours even tougher than the real one, meaning, it prepares the student to be stronger than the real paper. YOU ARE GREAT. And I recommend every student who takes ACCA to choose “FME LEARN ONLINE” because it saves a great time where you secure your success at the first time. I’M PROUD TO SAY IM ACCA AFFILIATE NOW EFFECTIVE JULY 2019. THANKS AGAIN TEACHER SUNIL BHANDARI. YOU ARE GREAT.

IMAN HAMDAN ALY (MUSCAT OMAN) – Video Exam Kit & Mock Exam Service – June 2019

Top class video debriefs, best on the market.

Constantly available to answer questions via WhatsApp.

Information is disseminated in a logical and factual manner but is easy to understand, remember and follow.

The learning on the course is enjoyable.

Always updating material if a new and better method is found, I was on a particular course where he wrote us ‘How to’ notes after we asked him.

The main praise I can give on Sunil’s teaching method is that I love AFM!

LT – ACCA AFM Video Exam Kit – March 2019

Your course is specially tailored in order to learn not just theory but how to best prepare for the AFM exam. Your lectures are interesting, your voice shows you enjoy what you do. This has kept me engaged and I remember things “line over line”, “lock in rates” (and your son being over 6’6″!) This overall, is different to XXX.

The techniques show how to answer questions are simple and less complicated than XXX. This has helped me to remember things and attempt questions myself.

The homework and strict deadlines forced me to learn things quickly and have a go at the questions and this has best helped me to prepare. Never have I done so many questions.

Your course is different to XXX due to your instant answers via WhatsApp, your non-hesitance to speak to your students on the phone and to be honest with them. Especially myself. I needed the “hair dryer” treatment as I did panic. I used what you said, I re-watched videos, I checked things, I worked it out for myself – which has helped my confidence.

In addition, the exam tips helped me to focus on what to look at in the lead up to the exams.

SR – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – March 2019

Hi Sunil,

How your course differs from others are as follows

1.Clear understanding of exam technique
2.The knowledge that it is a time pressured exam and that you need to move out and stick to guidelines
3.Personal interaction between lecturer and students.
4.Learning from tutor who not only has years of experience but also has wrote articles for ACCA P4/AFM
5.Dedication to answer everyone question in a timely manner.

BA – ACCA AFM Video Exam Kit and Mock Exam Service – March 2019

Hi Sunil,

I was a student studying with XXXXXX, I stumbled across Sunil’s LinkedIn profile where it stated he was an AFM tutor I started looking more into it and thought I’m not as prepared as I think I am, how are his pass rates so high when the ACCA pass rates aren’t even this high. I was struggling to follow the XXXXXX methods and decided to contact Sunil, after a chat with him I decided to invest in him.

Sunil has always been there when I needed the help and whatever happens from here is down to me but Sunil’s unique teaching style is amazing easy to follow and saves time.

I would happily spend this money if he teaches another subject in ACCA field.

SB – ACCA AFM Platinum Revision and Mock Exam Service – March 2019

Sunil’s revision course has been extremely enjoyable, the way he covers past exam questions with such great care and detail. Sunil is more than just a tutor, he is extremely efficient when answering queries and is always there to have a phone conversation clarifying any issues. Sunil also creates a dedicated mock which is highly recommended as he tailors it specific to each exam sitting. If one decides to study AFM I genuinely recommend enrolling on one of Sunil’s courses.

UB – ACCA AFM Platinum Revision and Mock Exam Service – March 2019

Hello Sir,

I have taken your AFM course for tuition, revision and platinum mock. I must say that the way things in tuition were taught, specially risk management, were very easy to grasp.

The questions solved in the revision course really cleared all the doubts, along with your handwritten answers made it easy to understand and retain as compared to the long answers in revision kit.

Mock service was very focused, and helps to assess the problem areas, especially when marked by current AFM marker.

Above all, the WhatsApp support via chats and calls was what makes this course so helpful. It gives us individual feedback from a dedicated teacher.

I would definitely recommend your course to others.

TJ – ACCA Platinum Tuition, Revision and Mock Exam Service – March 2019

Hi Sunil,

This is the first time I have undertaken a course with a different provider other than XXXXXX.

You have made a module which I have in the past found difficult to get my head around, much easier.

I have found the video exam kits really helpful. With XXXXXX you are left to go through the exam kit and then look at the answers at the back, which really through you off due to the level of detail.

You have shown you can keep things nice and concise and still pick up the marks.

The WhatsApp group had also been an amazing aid, questions are answered in a really timely manner, which when you are struggling is really helpful.

HL – ACCA AFM Platinum Revision and Mock Exam Service – March 2019

AFM is my final paper to complete and it has been a challenge to say the least. Well that is until I discovered FME and Sunil Bhandari and this changed everything for me… I just wish I had found Sunil much much sooner…

The other provider I used previously got me through other papers but the content they provided for AFM was just not enough, it wasn’t in depth enough for such a technically difficult paper.

The knowledge and expertise that Sunil provides is second to none but more than that it is his empathy with his students. He has a passion for AFM and that shows through in his videos, course notes, theory pack, how to notes and his WhatsApp group.

I love the format of the videos, how Sunil goes through the question scenario in such detail, dropping in tips, technical details it allows us students to pick up on new information so easily… I have had so many ‘light bulb’ moments just by Sunil reading the question… I will be forever grateful for his dedication to his students, his help and support.

AH – ACCA AFM Platinum Revision and Mock Exam Service – March 2019

Sunil is the best teacher of AFM on the planet. You simply cannot fail the exam after attending his course. I tried to pass it by self studying but failed the exam on 43 twice. Both time after seeing the exam I was convinced I can pass it but could only complete 75% of the exam then I thought I need help from expert.

I came across Sunil’s profile on Linkedin and was skeptical that the global pass rate is averaging 35% and how is he claiming 93%. On 6th of November just 30 days before exam I gave him a call and spoke to him on the phone and was told to buy either Video Exam Kit or Platinum Revision course. I chose Platinum Revision course so I could benefit from other contents as well.

After watching 1st video I realised why I failed the exam because I spent so much time on calculations that don’t contain any marks. The Platinum Revision course contain all past exam questions with exam time answers and how to approach each question and where the marks are allocated.

On the exam day after seeing the exam I held my nerve and said to myself I can do it and followed Sunil’s technique and guess what I completed the exam with 5 mins left. 80%-90% of theory in Dec 2018 was in theory pack.

On 14th of Jan at 12:02AM I received a text message that I passed with 69% marks. I could have got few more marks if I had taken the mock exam because I missed the “Conclusion” of the report in Q1.

I would recommend Platinum Course to every AFM student.

Zohaib Muhammad – ACCA AFM Platinum Revision – December 2018

The AFM subject is easy to understand as theory but when it comes to any exam questions it is hard and I tend to panic.

Since I took Sunil’s FM class in past I enrolled for his AFM revision course and mock service. The revision was very unique and different. He showed us the best ways to approach each question on the video kit, this made my preparation easy. Any doubts on any area he clears it within no time.

After writing his mock exam my confidence level was high. I must say you he is an expert in tipping questions for AFM exams there no doubt in it.

Hands Down amazing tutor and best course.

He previously studied ACCA F9 with me, Sunil

Ridhwan Vk – ACCA AFM Platinum Revision and Platinum Mock – December 2018

Sunil – 4 times I attempted AFM/P4 thinking I could do it myself. Fail, Fail, Fail & Fail always in the 30’s. I came across your profile on LinkedIn where you highlighted the historic pass rates of circa 90%+ within your classroom. I was thinking that this can’t be possible, this is ACCA, the global pass rates on this exam are in the 30%’s!

However, on 18th October (7 weeks before the exam) I decided my exam approach needed to change and that I needed help so I took the chance on you. I enrolled in your December mock exam course, enrolled in your exam question kit course, listened to the theory podcasts you provided daily in the 2 weeks leading up to the exam on the commute to work, packed in social media completely for 7 weeks, packed in alcohol for 7 weeks, worked out in the gym at 7am for an hour each weekday, went to work each weekday, studied after work for 2.50 hours each weekday using your material and studied at the weekends (8 hours a day) using your material. Now, here I am today the proudest I’ve ever been in my life as a qualified ACCA. Anything is possible if you want it badly enough. I did.

The way you explained answers in the exam kit presentation videos just made everything seem so much easier and understandable. Whenever, I needed you you were a whatsapp call/text away regardless of the fact that we are on completely different time zones. You genuinely really really wanted me to pass and I was not just a number on your course. Words just can’t describe this feeling – I remember seeing people writing testimonials to you on your website and thought to myself…… I want to be in that position someday to thank you via a testimonial like that and to be so proud of myself. Well, here I am !! Yahoooooooo.

You are the greatest, Sunil. Pints are on me in Birmingham when we meet up – I classify you as a friend not just a tutor even though we have never met!

Shaun Donnelann – ACCA AFM Video Exam Kit and Platinum Mock – December 2018

As a fellow Dec 18 AFM student, I was very impressed with how well-structured the course was from the beginning until the revision phase. There were lots of mini assignments and podcasts to ensure I fully understand each of the topics in the syllabus, which is something large tuition providers do not offer normally. Apart from that, Sunil prepared all his answers under timed conditions for all the past paper questions and taught me how to answer the key points for each question, instead of focusing on producing the perfect model answer. Lastly, I am very grateful for the support and resources given by Sunil, and to me he is not just another accountancy tutor in the market but a truly legendary role model who is willing to sacrifice his own time to ensure we pass our professional exams.

Thank you.

Kevin Wong – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – December 2018

Thank you for your support and guidance throughout the AFM course. You went above and beyond any other tutor would!

Your course was concise, adaptable and the perfect mix of learning and revision. The simplified approaches made the daunting questions a lot easier to tackle with realistic and exam timed step by step guidance.

Thank you once again!

Mahima – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – December 2018

Hiya Sunil

Great news, with the grace of Allah I have passed my AFM.

Just wanted to thank you for pushing me over the finishing line.

It was a hard struggle but in no doubts in my mind taking your platinum course was the right thing to do.

The notes, the answer bank, Q&A sessions, the WhatsApp group all contributed towards my pass.

Patience, persistence and perspiration are the key traits you taught me, I thank you for that.

May Allah bless you and your family.

Many Thanks

Imran – ACCA AFM Platinum Package – December 2018

Just wanted to say thanks. I passed my exam with a score of 74%. Your videos were spot on, particularly the revision ones. I will be with you for AFM in September 2019.

JE – ACCA FM Tuition and Revision – December 2018

Hey Sunil,

Feedback! Amazing course. Really helpful and thorough. Wish I found you earlier!

Webinars are perfect and concise.

You’ve given me a great deal of confidence in going into the exam and that counts for a lot considering I was in despair before I found you!

I joined late and feel I’m playing catch up but you’ve been a great support so I thank you wholeheartedly.

I will miss you that’s for sure!!

And here’s to a great season of football. Hopefully United recover from their slump… but not just yet. I’m enjoying this!

Nivraj Jasser – Platinum Package – September 2018

Hi Sunil,

Just as a matter of feedback re The Platinum Package for ACCA AFM Sep-18 session, I really appreciate the fact that it is an exceptionally thorough course for any student like myself aspiring to complete the AFM paper and to learn and practice the topics inside out. Most importantly, I believe that your experience and skill as a subject matter expert and tutor showcases very well in that you are very engaging with the student no matter which part of the world they are from (I am based in Qatar).

As a package, the course was smooth-sailing, organized and extremely systematic. I really enjoyed the seamless process flowing through a 2-month double tuition phase and a 1-month intensive revision phase. I truly like the fact that you had targets / deadlines and an exam-standard marking service for tuition homework, revision homework and for the end-of-tuition and end-of-revision mock exams. You have a real “system” going on with the platinum course, which I have never seen with other tutors that I have been to. Showing us your exam-timed style answers was key for me in terms of understanding exam technique as this literally saved me from getting bogged down and confused in terms of how to pen my answer. I believe this is where most students struggle. I also appreciate that you take your students (team) very seriously and ensured that every question that was raised on the WhatsApp study group was not left unanswered. I noticed that you were literally always available on the WhatsApp group or to answer calls at any time – all day, all week. You also have a good method going on for your “double revision approach” which warms up with topic-based revision and then follows on with mixed topics LIVE webinars which was very interactive. Something that I think that should not be taken for granted by students is that you put in a lot of effort analyzing past papers and examiners patterns and give us a full relevant matrix of practice questions and interesting tips.

Overall, your course has more than exceeded my expectations and I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I really think you make AFM exciting!
Unfortunately, and honestly, I have no negative feedback whatsoever!
Please keep up the good and exceptional work that you put in.

Thanks, and best regards.

Dominic Dsouza – Platinum Package – September 2018

Course Review: Very thorough and well laid out with on demand support, which has been amazing via the WhatsApp group and in general. Key things which stand out for me are that real exam questions and articles are covered as part of tuition so you can see the direct application at an early stage, which makes attempting questions easier. Hands down best ACCA tutor and course I’ve ever been on.

Steven Lobo – Platinum Package – September 2018

Hi Sunil, I’ve been around the block when it comes to learning providers. Your course goes above and beyond what is on offer as support via the WhatsApp group, Theory pack / podcast and question marking / own process to answer questions was something unique and really supported me across the course content. In short a bespoke service that’s not available anywhere else.

Baldeep Bahara – Platinum Revision – September 2018

Hello Sir, Thank you so much for all your help and dedication. Your course is interactive and nothing compares to what I’ve learnt with you. You are available 24/7 to assist students that’s encouraging, Sunil. As it is now count down. I thank you for the support.

Masauko James Mkhwimba – Mock Exam Service – September 2018

Hello Sunil hope you are well and enjoying Kenya and the golf. Hope to hear you have a hole in one. Many thanks and appreciation for your support and tough love especially enrolling for the Platinum Revision. For a long while I now begin to understand many areas. Your articles are self explanatory unless many that seem to be written in a rush. Your simplified approach to exam questions is a perfect standout. I hope to do my best for the closing hours in almost finishing the matrix today. Once again many thanks and regards.

Andrew Stanley-Coker – Platinum Revision & Mock Exam Service – June 2018

My feedback and happy for you to use as you wish. I can only say I wish I’d found out about Sunil a lot earlier in my studies! I find his teaching style so practical and he explains every step to you along the way. He is always on hand to answer any queries and comes back to you immediately. I only wish he taught for my final paper P6!

Linda Thornton – Mock Exam Service – June 2018

Couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Sunil Bhandari your experience, skill and clarity you cover the P4 Advanced Financial Management course with is absolutely amazing and everything is explained in a very methodological order, it was my first experience with distant learning tutor and it was an absolute delight, your lecture notes and constant support via whatsapp tutor group, answering every querry individually in the right detail at the right time is so very appreciable, The mock exams marked by examiner is a great exercise aswell, as it gives insight and details on what the examiners require and where you lack while writing in time constraint.

I feel very confident now, after preparing with Sunil for a month, because with the lectures I was able to absorb everything and it can now be implemented both at exam level and at practical level.

I think everyone appearing for your p4 should take Sunil Bhandaris support to pass their exams with excellent grades.

Thanks once again.

Fingers pressed and complete trust in you for the exam on Friday.

Danish Wyne – Platinum Tution & Mock Exam Service – June 2018

I enrolled in Sunil’s platinum package for ACCA P4. The tuition course was very well-organised and topics were ordered so that concepts were scaffolded well, with one topic flowing well into the next. The revision phase allowed me to manage my own time, with live webinars recorded where I could not attend them and all past questions could be found somewhere with a video walkthrough if something did not make sense. On both phases, the feedback was very exam-oriented, with really helpful advice on managing our time during the paper. Finally, in the rare instance that one couldn’t find the answer in the resources or one simply did not understand it, Sunil was available on Whatsapp every day, by text and voice call, and always quick to respond. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to benefit from his vast experience with this paper.

Thomas George – Platinum Package – June 2018

Hi Sunil,

I feel the paper was a fair paper I hope it is a pass for me.

Q1 npv and options. Theory mainly from tech article

Q2 valuations

Q3 dividend capacity

Q4 hedging (which I didn’t do because it had a swaption which I was not sure how to do)

My feedback from the mock course

In general I was really happy with finding this course and you. I had done an online course with BPP before and I was still not feeling prepared.

I am thinking to write a post on my blog about my entire acca journey and resources that i found helpful. Would it be ok if I mention / recommend you for P4?

And yes you can use my comments.


– your dedication and interaction with students I never seen that with BPP for eg.

– Clear expert on P4 topics.

– The mock and tips were quite aligned with what came up on the test.

– Having P4 markers is very valuable.

Grecia Muskus – Mock Exam Service – June 2018

Dear Sunil…I would like to thank you so much for support given to me as a student.The information,assistance and knowledge that you impacted in my studies has been very great.I know the results are not released but you did a wonderful job. Once again thank you for the support Sunil.

Masauko James Mkhwimba – ACCA P4 Mock Exam Service – June 2018

First of all, I have to say thank you, Sunil. I enjoyed every session for your teaching and videos. I failed last time, but your tution method made the P4 become more easier to understand and focused on exam skills. I definitely would recommend your tuition to my friends. Thanks for your help.

Tong Wu – ACCA P4 Platinum Package – March 2018

Hi Sunil, Unique revision course, exam questions debriefed to a very high standard for me to the replicate question approach easily after 1 watch. And very helpful tips that were not mentioned to me at my first exam attempt. Wish i did your tuition course also. Will be recommending you to others considering P4.

Umar Qaisar – ACCA P4 Platinum Revision – March 2018

The biggest differentiation between you and other tutors is the support you’re willing to give. You go above and beyond on providing help to students rather than calling it “done” once all material/knowledge has been passed. You also provide examples on how to answer questions, using exam technique and within exam time; that is absolutely invaluable to students.

Carol Lau – Platinum Tuition, Video Exam Kit & Mock Exam Service – March 2018

Hi Sunil, with regards to feedback about your course, i must say that having failed p4 first time round and being on your platinum revision course for the retake, i have covered a lot more areas in more depth and you have helped with my understanding of key areas which i was not so comfortable with in the first place. I just wish i had known first time round so i could have been on the teaching phase as well! But i am hoping with your guidance and revision structure, i have done enough for this exam. Not many tutors will answer queries out of hours and be so quick with responses and i dont know any other course that will break down REALISTIC AND EXAM-TIMED answers step by step.

Natasha Dussaye – Platinum Package & Mock Exam Service – March 2018

I would want to acknowledge that indeed the course delivery did meet my expectations particularly in the area of exam technique where i have been seeking to be helped.

I particularly like the exam focused approach that you have, helping students to be alive to the areas of ensuring that questions are answered within time and also your emphasis on neat, clear and well structured answers.

Comparing your course delivery, i have been impressed because unlike other providers in the country where i live (Zambia), who rarely emphasize
on exam technique and the approach needed to pass, you stress this as been key in passing and your video exam kit shows how a student can attempt all the questions within exam time.

Further, i also like the support you offer to students via the wats up group, it makes the learning process more interactive which is what as students we value- the ability to ask for support from tutor and get the needed help ASAP.

However, going forward i thought it would be better to have the final mock answers released atleast a week to two weeks before the exam so that we can have enough time to work on the weak areas.

I hope this will be useful.

Mwelwa Saili – ACCA P4 Gold Revision and ACCA P4 MOCK EXAM, MARKING & WEBINAR DEBRIEF – June 2017

Your P4 tuition / programme has exceeded my expectations, i knew there will be recorded lectures and revision but i never imagined the amazing P4 Whats app group or your personal touch and the level of commitment and the assistance you render on the group.

I have found your handwritten answers to past questions a tremendous help because it feels real and i can identify with it.

Being able to tick off videos already watched on your website is great as well as how you structured the revision plan and videos.

Also great were the theory podcasts and live webinars, what i most appreciated however is your firmness and disciplined approach to us students.

How you set up checklists, question matrix and constantly ensured we were all on track with our studies and plans.

Overall this is the best tuition programme i have ever been on as well as the cheapest and value for money deal i have ever received on any tuition.

Julianah Bejide – ACCA P4 The Platinum Package (inc Lifetime Pass Assurance) – June 2017

Course met my expectations fully.

It will be hard to find 24hour support from any other tutor. I am always amazed with the level of dedication you give to the students on your course.

I feel much more confident now(although not reflected by my mock) than I did last summer when I first attempted P4.

Thank you for your help and always making us believe we can do this.

Letitia – ACCA P4 Platinum Revision – June 2017

Sunil’s knowledge and understanding of F9 is remarkable. He ensures that all our doubts are clarified in watsapp group. Video are explained with proper example in granular level. Self study question is really helpful for us to practice after watching video lectures.

His ability to explain the most challenging concepts of F9 like cost of capital & business valuation is very well explained by him.

He also uses key exam questions as examples within his notes and ensures that students are exposed to exam questions as soon as they start the course which is extremely beneficial as I don’t believe that there are high chances of passing F9 without such practice.

After completing the entire portion he ensures to watch all his revision videos & follow the schedule prepared by him before Mock test. He frequently ask us the status on watsapp group which makes us feel motivated.

Being a working professional with Citibank, I was really able to manage my studies along with my work & I Scored 60% in F9 March 2017.

Doing F9 with Sunil would always be a recommendation from my end.

Thanks once again for all your support and coordination.

Ramanathan Iyer – ACCA F9: New Comprehensive Tuition Course & ACCA F9: New Intensive Revision – No Pass No Pay – March 2017

I had gone through P4 exam with plenty of attempts previously. And this is my last ACCA paper. I had being stucked there for a long period of time from getting the full ACCA qualification. However, during my last sitting at March 2017, I had made my mind to join Mr Sunil’s course. By following his every approach to study P4, I had found myself a clearer mind to fight the devil P4. Undeniably, he is like the God of Finance, the course notes, the questions provided, the answer banks, the technical articles explanation, the videos recorded, whatsapp helping line and warmly reminders are all well prepared with fully detailed which are the students really seeking for. And finally, with all these magic weapons that Mr Sunil gave, I had passed my P4 now and became an ACCA Affiliate and ACCA Member at the mean time. So dear fellow, friends and readers, if you really want to pass P4 successfully, please don’t hesitate to sign up Mr Sunil’s course right now, you will definitely not regret. This is the best pathway for you to PASS.

Kok Xiao Fen – ACCA Platinum Package – March 2017

Hi Sunil, I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to you as a dedicated P4 tutor!I passed P4 March 2017 and ACCA affiliate.

Your tuition & revision videos were a invaluable learning tools. I found the revision resources and mock exams under exam timed condition and your ability show me how to answer questions under time pressure a game changer!

I will always be grateful and thankful to you!

Devi Steven – ACCA Platinum Package – March 2017

Hello Sunil, I hope you are well, I was successful in the P4 exam! My heartfelt gratitude for your excellent program and dedication to the success of your students. I am now qualified. May God continue to bless you and I will be recommending your course to others.

Tresha Arjoon-Wallace​ – ACCA P4 Platinum Revision & Mock Exam Service – March 2017

I have always studied with ACCA platinum approved learning providers, class-based. However, circumstances changed and when it was time for my last ACCA paper P4, I had to take the tuition online which was a change I resisted, at first, due to my previous experience with online tuition providers.

This changed when I learnt and heard about Mr. Sunil Bhandari and his brilliant ACCA pass rates.

To pass professional level papers of ACCA, it’s the experience of the tutor that matters the most. With 30 years of experience that Mr. Sunil Bhandari brings and having marked for different professional bodies, my confidence was restored and fears gone.

Mr. Sunil also acknowledges that some students like myself may have a knowledge gap between F9 and P4 and he bridges the gap right from the start. Big advantages are his video recorded tuition and live revision sessions which you can always go back and listen to as many times as you like and wherever you are.

Mr. Sunil’s approach simplifies the most challenging concepts and is very exam focused. Mr. Sunil makes every effort to respond to our enquiries as soon as we post them in the whatsapp group and in a very creative memory aid way.

Hence, I would highly recommend Mr. Sunil’s courses to everyone intending to sit for ACCA P4. There is simply no way you don’t pass if you exactly do as Mr. Sunil says!

Zayna – ACCA Platinum Package – March 2017

Sunil has outstanding knowledge of the F9 subject. His exam techniques in revision videos are very useful. Both tuition and revision videos are structured very well to cover the whole syllabus. Sunil was always available for answering queries and clearing all doubts actively which is very appreciative. I must thank you for providing all the support given during exams time and while studying.

Nirmala – ACCA F9 NEW Comprehensive Tuition and ACCA F9 NEW Intensive No Pass No Pay Revision – March 2017

Sunil built a good approach for teaching P4. Exam techniques, study materials, support are well explained and done. But for me the most important things were assumptions made by examiner like the different applications of carry-forward losses for international and domestic projects, simplification of calculation of asset Beta comparing with classic formula (no debt beta in calculations) and so on. This specific information I did not find in other sources.

Tair – ACCA P4 Platinum Revision – March 2017

I took P4 classes of Sunil and I can definitely vouch that he is one of the best Finance tutors I have ever known. He’s simplified yet professional way of explaining the course material makes the subject look much easier and understandable. He’s always available to help the students queries. I would definitely recommend Sunil to all the students wishing to take on he’s course.

Priscilla – ACCA P4 Gold Revision – March 2017

I just wanted to say your lectures and worked examples make complicated and techinal areas of F9 understandable and memorable. After failing F9 first time with another provider studying with you made me feel much more confident. Thank you.

Neil – ACCA F9 NEW Intensive No Pass No Pay Revision – March 2017

Sunil’s knowledge about the F9 paper is outstanding. His technique and tips for F9 makes it much easier to understand the concept and perform well in the exams. His CAB technique is the best way to attack the F9 paper!

Abhishek – ACCA F9 NEW Comprehensive Tuition and ACCA F9 NEW Intensive No Pass No Pay Revision – March 2017

I have always stuck to the two main learning providers and done face to face learning so to go through an independent tutor with an online course was a new experience for me.

However it was the best decision I ever made. Sunil is hands down the best tutor I’ve ever been taught by, I’ve loved the course and he makes it very enjoyable and memorable. P4 has been my favourite module by far and Sunil has given endless support via what’s app, email and over the phone. Whenever I’ve had a query he has answered it very promptly.

The course notes cover the whole syllabus and incorporate past paper questions right from the start. His course differs from all others in that Sunil shows us how he would answer the question in exam time rather than reading a long winded answer in the back of an exam kit. The video answer kit is invaluable and I referred to it constantly. His mocks have been challenging and a great test of knowledge as well as a great representation of the real exam. His exams tips couldn’t of been more spot on! He told us to focus on the 3 latest published articles and all 3 of them came up in the exam!

The first question had a 9 mark requirement identical to that on his mock exam and hence I knew exactly how to answer it!

To anyone considering booking onto Sunil’s course, I couldn’t recommend it enough. You will not find a better tutor to teach P4.

Vikki – ACCA P4 The Platinum Package (inc Lifetime Pass Assurance) – March 2017

I enrolled for the P4 platinum package in both tuition and revision, and I must admit it is very thorough course where no page is left unturned. An extremely dedicated lecturer who is ready to help at all times. Easy to understand tuition notes with video recordings and the revision webinars were very helpful, they always kept me on my toes. Thank you sir for all your assistance.

Jyoti – ACCA P4 Platinum Revision and ACCA P4 MOCK EXAM, MARKING & WEBINAR DEBRIEF – March 2017

I attempted F3 three times, I found the first time, the test was time challenging and I had some gaps in my knowledge. The second time I found it more difficult, perhaps due to questions asked, but again I feel I struggled with the knowledge gaps. The xxxxxx question book is definitely the best way to study for the paper. As a xxx student, once I finished learning theory, the xxxxxx questions are the best. I think Simply Pass just helped for me to go over the questions I practised once again but Sunil also conveyed the knowledge behind it clearly in more detail, I enrolled on the course as soon as it started and I passed it 5 days later, third time lucky, this was whilst balancing work on top. I definitely think it helped to gain the extra few marks to get over the line. Many Thanks!

Stephen – CIMA F3 Simply Pass + Lifetime Pass Assurance – December 2016

I got very-very good news today: I have FINALLY passed my ACCA F9 exam ! After enrolling for it for the fifth time (twice not showing up due to issues in preparing properly, as the second exam per session, and twice failing the exam), I can now move on and follow my dream of finishing the remaining exams within 1 year.

I got so many valuable inputs from your videos, mainly about the exam technique, which was a struggle for a self-studying person like me. You made it seem so logical. Thank you for your support ! I will for sure recommend it to people struggling with it as I did.

Monica – ACCA F9 NEW Intensive No Pass No Pay Revision – December 2016

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for all your help and support in getting me over the finish line with P4, my last ACCA exam. Previously I had gone with xxxxx and then xxx having nil success with the both of them. I had really struggled to study with holding down a demanding full time job and did not know which way to turn with my studies after having tried the recommended study providers by my employer. I wish I had came across you sooner.

Shaf – ACCA P4 The Platinum Package (inc Lifetime Pass Assurance) – September 2016

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